February 8, 2013

A Few Good Reads

Yesterday, my youngest daughter and I visited our local bookstore, The Toadstool, to check out what's new and simply enjoy being surrounded by thousands of books. We took notes, thumbed through pages, and added titles to our wish lists while we were there. 

We're quite lucky that we still have a local store whose crackerjack staff can answer your questions about any book or author even before you've finished asking. In addition to their stacks and stacks of new books, they have a used book section that my parents fell in love with when they were up for a visit this past summer. (Dad actually reads more than I do so he goes through books rather quickly. I think I counted 20-odd books at the register when we were checking out.) 

If that weren't enough, you can go sit down and have a cup of coffee, breakfast, or lunch at Aesop's Tables which is not so secretly tucked away in the corner of the store. (My students are quite familiar with this place.) During this trip, however, I picked up a copy of The American Heiress (it seems I'm headed back into my historical fiction phase once again), and when I was ready to leave, I noticed a table filled with books with a Downton Abbey theme. Oh boy. I came home and immediately looked up more and found a decent selection of books about the show, about Highclere Castle itself, and related books on the upstairs-downstairs way of life. 

I think I may have to go back in today for one last look around before getting snowed in.


Kristen516 said...

I might have to go to my bookstore now and see.what they have. be safe in the snow.

Kimberly Merritt said...

Thanks, Kristen. I hope you found something you liked!