February 12, 2013

Snow Days

Finally, a real snow storm. We haven't seen a storm like this in a couple of years. School was cancelled on Friday, as most were around the region, but the snow, although it fell from Friday morning until late Saturday afternoon, didn't really come down until the sun did Friday night. We watched the headlines across the TV news stations and guffawed once again. It wouldn't be the first time the weathermen were wrong. But... they got it right this time (sort of). 30" (My neighbor measured 32") of snow is a lot of snow to move around, so that's what we did most of the weekend. We started to dig out around 9:00 Saturday morning knowing full well it would take us hours just to make things passable. This was my attempt to at least get out of the house and let the dogs play.

Once we were out, we visited our neighbors to lend a hand. Okay, I came along for the ride while my dear husband did most of the work. (Have I mentioned how much I love my neighbors?) Although we did have blizzard-force winds at times, we didn't lose our power like our families did down in Massachusetts. Luckily, there was no property damage and the power was back on for most late Sunday night. 

We  have very long driveways here in the woods, so it takes quite a while to actually make it to the road. This is pass #2 up our neighbors drive.

This guy must have thought it was Christmas all over again. The snow was so light and fluffy that he disappeared after jumping out onto the porch. We couldn't keep him inside. He made so many tracks around the yard, it now looks like a racetrack. Cooper did his business after I cleared him a path and then it was back in the house for him, but Dante was born for this kind of weather. 

We did have a bit more clean-up to do on Sunday, but then my baby hit the slopes. The ride over to Crotched was beautiful and the slopes were packed. They do a wonderful job with snow-making, but nothing beats real powder. 

The only thing that would have made her smile even bigger was news that school had been cancelled again and the weekend was extended until Tuesday. But alas, New Hampshire knows how to move this stuff, and the people who live here know how to get around it, so it was back to school and work once Monday morning rolled around.