February 27, 2013

All Is Quiet

I know everyone is posting pretty spring pictures on their blogs in anticipation of warmer weather and sunny skies, but I've learned (I'm actually still learning) not to rush time. It is still very much winter around here and like all of the seasons, I'm sorry when it leaves. For me, winter is a time to focus inward and enjoy being together indoors or out. Every Sunday, we play a few rounds of dominoes while sitting in front of the fire. We host movie nights when the sun goes down so we can still read in bed before going to sleep. We snuggle up on the sofa or park ourselves in various chairs under mountains of blankets. And, of course, we take our doggies for a walk in the woods. Although last weekend it was a hike with our neighbors across a frozen Nubanusit Lake that took us away from the woods and onto the ice with the fisherman. I wish I had pictures and video of the 3 dogs running back and forth and playing with each other. (I would also like to have a video of the domino game we played a week ago Sunday. We laughed so much it hurt.) Winter is a quiet time, but when we're sometimes stuck indoors it isn't very quiet at all. This is when the silliness really starts.

My daughters are on school break this week, so my husband and I have been taking abbreviated days to spend some time with them. They skied on Monday while I took photos, checked email, and made telephone calls from the lodge. We saw a movie late yesterday afternoon and still managed to enjoy dinner out afterward. (We were the loud, laughing people in the booth on the end if you were there.) The snow is falling as I type this, so today will be spent staying warm and cozy indoors until it's time to get a jump on the clean-up later this afternoon. The weathermen are not exactly sure when it will all stop, so we're going to guess and get an early start.

The only sounds I can hear right now are the scrape of the plow-bucket that just passed, the clink of a plate and mug, the hiss of the tea kettle. The girls have slept in for the first time this week and they're enjoying a leisurely morning.