February 20, 2013

Get Well Soon

My poor daughter is sick yet again with the stomach flu. Between schoolwork, college applications, and work, it's no wonder she was ripe for the picking once more. She caught it the first time during her internship at a daycare over Christmas break. Her entire school, and I'm hearing all over the country, people are suffering from all kinds of flu. And it's not letting up.

So I'm nursing her the best I can since it started as a regular cold and has now seized her stomach. When my youngest daughter, my husband, or I get sick, we'll do, drink, or eat just about anything to make it go away. My oldest daughter... not so much. But I'm trying. I prefer natural remedies over cold and flu medications which always seem (in my opinion) to make things worse and can sometimes have the adverse effect on each of us.

So, it's lots of tea (chamomile or mint to soothe the tummy, with honey to soothe the throat), lots of water (gulps of gallons of it with a cold, sips of as much as you can tolerate with a stomach ache), small meals, lots of rest, and a nice cool cloth for your head. Not only will it help bring down a fever, but it can also settle the stomach.

If you're suffering from a cold, try my not-so-tasty cold remedy:

Combine 1 tablespoon of raw honey, a 1/4 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper (or grated ginger) and a good squeeze of fresh lemon in a cup of hot water. It will help open up nasal passages and sweat the cold out. (And don't foget to use a Neti pot. It's a great way to relieve congestion and wash away germs!)

Here are some other remedies I've found for the stomach flu:
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