October 22, 2013

Edaville Rail Run

Eek! I almost forgot to post this... It's that time of year again. Please join me, my family, and more than one thousand runners on Saturday, November 9th at the 14th annual Edaville Rail Run. If you've read my posts about this race before, you know that the Merritt family has put their heart and soul into this event. This year I thought I'd share a few photos from last year's race so you can see a little more of the action. That's my brother-in-law stirring the chowder. He's our resident chief chef and makes sure all of the food is good to go. Next to him is one of my nephews who got to hang out with us in the food tent last year (wasn't he lucky). And my father-in-law is in the background. He's the one who actually makes the chowder. It's a road race like no otherfamily friendly, lots of food (we're having BBQ and cornbread this year courtesy of Little Red Smokehouse...just one of our many sponsors who help to make this race such a success.), and all of the proceeds go to a good cause.

My youngest daughter (in the purple gloves) is running again this year. Once we get the food set up, she literally runs off to join in the festivities. I was lucky enough to catch her nearing the finish line.

And this is where I get to hang out. This was the first year the food tent was outside and thankfully it was a beautiful day. We're hoping for lots of sunshine once again, because this year we're splitting the tables and running two food stations. A new challenge for me. My girls will be there again helping serve the chowder and hotdogs. And I'll be the one running around making sure everyone has what they need. If you can catch me, please say hello!
Check out the website and please like us on Facebook. Thank you and see you there!

Edaville Rail Run
Edaville USA
5 Pine Street
South Carver, MA
Saturday, November 9th
10:00 A.M.