October 22, 2013

Halloween Party

These birds are watching over their pumpkin hatchery with a keen eye while keeping warm inside these old lanterns. Some of them have already hatched though they're still not ready to leave their nests. What mischievous plans do they have for the party-goers? And most importantly, will there be any candy left?

My youngest daughter had her Halloween party this past Saturday and this is the table decoration I came up with. As usual I re-use as much as I can and buy very little. The Pottery Barn lanterns were a gift. I use them outside on the porch and in the house toothey were perfect for containing these creepy little pumpkins. Birds were perched on the chandelier and spider webs completed the look. You'll recognize the birds and even the candlestick from previous year's decorations.
I did have to go out and purchase these cute little devils, I mean pumpkins, and the vampire teeth, but other than that I pulled things from my stash of goodies and grabbed clippings from the yard. The Spanish moss nests you see did the trick, but boy is it a pain to work with. It just gets everywhere. Keep the vacuum handy.

The candles are actually from my Halloween stash too. The scent is Witches Brew by Yankee Candle and smells like patchouli. This one of the few scents from this particular company that I can stand. 
Inserting the vampire teeth into the pumpkins was easy, just saw your way through but make sure you start smaller than you think you should to be able to place the teeth inside without them falling either in or out of the pumpkin. I then inserted peppercorn eyes into their skulls and placed them on their nests hoping they would stay put.

Once the party was in full swing, I put out my cauldron candy dish, black plates, cups, and napkins, lit the candles and cleared out.

Do you think it was a coincidence that the lights in the living room kept flickering all night long?


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I think I can pull this off with some of my own things.

xo Sam