October 15, 2013

Halloween Fun

So as I mentioned last week, I was in the lovely village of Essex, CT the week before and came across some serious Halloween lovers. I think I was in mid-sentence when my friend and I walked by this house and I said to her, "Hand me your camera." I really appreciate when someone goes all out to really scare the *bleep* out of you. There were a few more houses on the street with some decorations, but none that compared to this one. Which reminds me. I believe I've written about when the children were younger and they went trick-or-treating (sniff), we actually drove to another part of town because the whole neighborhood gets in on the action. And why haven't I taken pictures of our Halloween Street before??? Probably because it was too dark outside. Now that daylight savings time has moved, I just might have to make a visit this year and hope I don't get picked up for stalking.

Love Mr. and Mrs. Skeleton. I think Pottery Barn had some of these a while back, but I couldn't find them. I did find some at Target, on Amazon, and at KMart for not too much money. (Hey, it's an investment.)

You've got to love how they mummified their dogs even though they clearly can't leave the yard. (See the electric fence flags?)

Just around the other side of the house were the more traditional decorations, but still nicely put together.

Normally (okay, the new normal) is that I would post links at the end of the week, but time is ticking away and I wanted you all to have lots of great resources to create your own spooktacular Halloween this year! Here we go...

Halloween is less than 16 days away! Visit Stefanie over at Brooklyn Limestone. She just posted this year's party invitation.

Check out my Halloween Pinterest board where I've found lots of ideas to inspire, and my post It's Almost Time to Haunt the House where I put together a collection of my favorites.

Also take a peek at the Design Sponge Pumpkin Project.

And of course Matthew Mead is in full Halloween mode over on his blog, Holiday with Matthew Mead.


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Eek! Love the Halloween posts.

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