December 6, 2013

Is Your Skirt Showing?

The great Christmas tree debate...what do you use, a tree skirt or something else? I fall into the something else category. My many trees are topped with stars, angels, snowflakes, and even birds, but the bottoms are skirtless. In my bedroom tree, I wrap garland around the bottom to hide the stand. In my den, I use a cranberry crate and then fill that with pine cones to hide not only the stand but part of the trunk that shows because it sits on top of a table and not on the floor. Smaller trees, like my jingle bell tree in my kitchen, are potted in an urn. And in my family room, the only live tree in the house, I use a couple of artificial wreaths (cut on one side) to wrap around the base. Is your skirt showing? I'd love to hear what you use.


Anonymous said...

I use skirts but ones I've made out of burlap.

Anonymous said...

I use an old wash rub. It works great with my rustic ornaments! - Denise