February 28, 2014

Beautiful Long Hair

They say that once you reach a certain age, it's time to go short. Well, this is one 40-something that just won't do it. I'm a long hair girl. I suffered through perms and crazy colors in the 80s and layers in the 90s, but my hair has always swung past my shoulders. I had long hair as a little girl, until one day around the age of 8, my mother couldn't stand brushing it any longer and it was cut into a pixie! I cried for days. Since then I've tried to grow it as long as possible, and when I finally stopped perming my hair, and breaking it off, it grew. But the examples you see above show just how long I dare to wear it. If it gets any longer than that it just hangs there.

I marvel every time I go into my stylists studio at all of the new and exciting concoctions they can come up with, but luckily I've found someone who really understands that I will never cut my hair short. I wish I had thick hair like my youngest daughter. I was born with stick-straight, fine hair that only looks good if it's washed the morning I leave the house, while she can shower at night, go to bed with wet hair, and wake up ready to go. My stylist understands this, too. She knows what my hair can and can't do. And that's the lesson right there. You have to know that your hair will never be naturally curly, or thick, or straight. You have to make peace and do the best you can with what you were given. Then you need to find a stylist who understands the same thing.

It's funny that both of my girls are the exact same way. They've had their hair cut short (we all have to try it at least once), but they prefer long hair, too. This past fall, they both decided that it was time to cut several inches off the length (6" for one, 4" for the other), and almost immediately after doing so, I heard the exact same words come out of their mouths, "I'm letting it grow.".

Are you a long hair or a short hair kinda girl, or somewhere in between?

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Kristen516 said...

I have had short hair for years. I can't even imagine trying to grow it out. I love the look of long hair but I took have join straight baby fine hair that would just....flop.

Kimberly Merritt said...

Well good for you to know that short hair is for you. And...you look good in short hair, so it's a bonus!