March 24, 2014

On the Second Day of Spring...

We decided we needed more snow. So it was off to the northern Green Mountains for one last day of skiing. What was supposed to be a brief period of flurries turned into an all day snow event. It was blustery and cold and felt like the middle of February, not the second day of spring.

Sugerbush has six peaks to choose from. This was my first time there, but the third for the girls and my husband. They spent the day skiing the trails on Lincoln Peak while I kept watching the snow fall and read.

Fresh powder fell just the day before so burning thighs meant an extra break was in order. These smiling faces started to fade once we wrapped up for the day. However, that didn't stop them from wanting to travel 30 minutes north to tour the Ben & Jerry's plant. In this family, a little ice cream can make those smiles return in an instant.

There is still a lot of snow in my backyard, and if you can believe it, more is in the forecast. We woke up to 8 degrees of bitter cold this morning. I guess spring hasn't found its way to New England just yet.