June 11, 2014

Book Reviews

Over the weekend, I read The Fault in Our Stars and The Paris Journal: Book One. I'm not one who necessarily likes to read what's popular. I've been disappointed in the past reading a book from someone's must-read list, so I'm a bit skeptical when it seems everyone likes a book. I didn't read The Help or Eat, Pray, Love until they were both in paperback (and still a bit reluctantly) and they are now two of my favorite books.

When my youngest daughter bought The Fault in Our Stars at our local bookstore, I was told by the great and knowledgeable staff that everyone should read it. I still decided that it probably wasn't for me. Even though I admittedly read (children's) books, I've stayed away from Young Adult novels. (Read what writer Ruth Graham thinks about reading YA.) Well, I was wrong, again. I found Augustus Waters absolutely charming and declared that all boys (and men) could do with a good dose of how to treat a lady under the tutelage of Mr. Waters. My oldest daughter also read it as well. (We were under strict orders that we needed to read it now because the movie was out and we had to see it soon!) In fact, at some points we were within pages of one another and whoever was behind got to recite lines from favorite passages. As she put it, "I seriously did not expect to like this book because of all of the hype, but I love it in a completely unexpected and amazing way." I couldn't agree more.

When The Paris Journal: Book One finally arrived in my mailbox, I was not surprised to find how beautifully packaged and presented the book was. Nichole and Evan really know how to do it right. Not only was there a little thank you card tucked in the box, but a Paris note card, and several bookmarks just for me. Of course, I knew the photographs would be beautiful, I'd seen many of them on their website, but the stories intertwined within the pages were equally engaging. I felt like I had just picked up someone's beautifully crafted diary and was given the secrets in how to savor the sights, sounds, and tastes of the streets of Paris.

Add these two books to your summer reading list.

Monday night we were at the movies. The movie was good, but not as good as the book. (Is the movie ever as good as the book?) Bring tissues.