June 12, 2014

Vegetables are King

I haven't been eating enough vegetables. I'm teaching a class this week and my whole health routine is all messed up. Every day we go out for lunch and I choose the healthiest thing I can find, but oh how I miss vegetables. And I never thought I'd say that.

Apparently, the world of food has decided that the vegetable is now king. Move over hefty chops, meaty burgers, and terrine of whatever, the vegetable is here to stay. Due in part to the (slowly) moving food movement of eating clean foods (certifiable organic), restaurants are now serving vegetable dishes as the main course. I'm fortunate to live in a community where farmers' markets are the norm and fresh organic produce is brought into the market I shop at all year long.

Read this article featured in the Boston Globe Magazine to be inspired to add more vegetable dishes to your menu.

Carrots at Alden & Harlow in Harvard Square. Photo credit: Kristin Teig