August 6, 2014

A Change in Routine

While I was away, I kept active, but in a different way. It still amazes me that after all this time, I can still fall back into old routines. My daughters and I enjoyed a yoga class at Lighthouse Beach in Chatham during our stay. It was a beautiful morning, and if you're ever in the area, I highly recommend it. As the sun was coming up, you could hear the seagulls hunting for their breakfast and the waves crash onto shore. The class was both energizing and relaxing, but it was the only one we went to. My best intentions weren't enough to get me out of bed by 6:30.

I biked more than 127 miles in 5 weeks and walked everywhere, but I didn't do one single core or strength training exercise. I ate salads, chicken, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, but I also ate a lot of ice cream. My legs look great, my stomach...not so much.

A change in routine can be good, as long as you remember that too much of a good thing (or bad) is just thattoo much. I certainly got enough cardio, but my core suffered. I revved up my body with heart-pumping exercises and sugar, but I didn't calm my body with stretching and toning. So although I didn't gain or lose a pound, my body shape shifted just enough to teach me a valuable lesson.

My youngest daughter has already gotten back to her usual workouts and ice cream is now just an occasional least for me. It's time to get the rest of the family on board and for me to cut back on the cardio and fill the void with squats and planks.

A well-rounded diet deserves a well-rounded exercise routine. It's okay to change things up, cheat (a little) every now and then, but be sure to get back to basics. Try out new exercises if you're bored, in fact, it's a great way to train new muscles and give the others a rest. I've added a few new pins to my Good Health Pinterest board that may inspire all of us.

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Photo: Chatham Lighthouse Beach