August 22, 2014

Back to School

My girls are getting ready to hit the books again. My summer daughter has already left for her freshman year at the University of Arizona. If her snapchats are any indication, Allie is having a wonderful time already. Kate returns for her sophomore year at Wheelock, and Amanda (my baby) is going to be a senior in high school(!). College visits will continue this weekend, although we're pretty sure she'll end up somewhere in New England, you never know. So that's what I'm up to these next few visits, lots of laundry, and packing.

I need a dose of laughter, so here are some links you might find funny too.

You can't help but be in a good mood when you listen to this song. (And if you're not a T.S. fan, you may like this instead.)

Joanna picked out some of her favorite honest slogans. They'll make you laugh out loud.

These kids might be better than the actors they're portraying.

I saw the movie Chef while on vacation. If you can't find it in a theatre, watch it on video when it comes out.

Just another reason why I love John Krasinski.

This article didn't exactly make me laugh, but it did make me happy.