August 26, 2014

Staying Fit

Getting in shape was very hard, but now I'm finding that staying in shape is almost as challenging. Amanda and David completed their 3rd triathlon in record time this past July. Swimming, biking, running, or hiking are so much easier to do when a) water and bike paths are within walking distance, and b) everyone is doing something. To say I need some motivation would be stating the obvious.

So next week, I'm jump-starting a new routine. I'll climb back on my bike (Actually, I'm doing that today according to Amanda. My girls and I are going for one last family bike ride before school starts.), I'll try these new ab exercises minus the crunch, and a hybrid push-up my physical therapist brother-in-law showed me how to do. I have never been able to do an actual push-uponly the girly kind. Marc taught me to start with baby steps.

Baby step #1: Using a counter, support your arms while keeping your feet together and most of your weight on your toes while extending your legs at a 45 degree angle. Start with 3 sets of 10 reps and see how you feel. Listen to your body.

Baby step #2: Using almost the same method, support your arms against a sofa arm instead of a counter, or in my case, my breakfast bar. The reason this exercise is more challenging is because it provides more resistance. You're getting closer to doing an actual push-up on the floor which is your goal. Start with the same sets.

Increase by 5 reps once you're comfortable and the exercise becomes easy. You can even just add a set or increase your reps by 2. The idea is that you never ever strain yourself. The minute an exercise starts to hurt, stop. A sign that you're getting close to that point is when your body starts to burn or shake. You've reached your limit at this point. Once there, you'll start to lose your form which causes pain and possible injury.

Sound easy enough? Let's get started!