August 15, 2014

Happy Puppies

Before we left on vacation, Cooper looked quite content sitting on the porch. Once the packing began, he wasn't so content. But Cape Cod loves doggies, too. We came across a number of doggie water stations, a dog park complete with doggie gym equipment, and even a snack station at Whole Foods in Hyannis.

The doggies will have to do without us for a while on Saturday. The Festival of Fireworks has returned to southern NH and my sister and brother-in-law are coming up for the fun. Thankfully the dogs won't hear any of the booms because the festival is now located far west of us. We will miss going to our usual spot just one town over, but we're going to give it a try.

Here are some links I found worth looking at.

Try these! English Jacket Potatoes.

DIY bag. So Stylish.

Kate found these healthy treats for Cooper and Dante. They currently eat P-Nutter and Liver"R" Crunch.

Don't neglect the dining room.

A sad farewell to a great talent.