August 12, 2014

Senior Photos!

Yesterday evening, it was Amanda's turn to have her senior photos taken. It seems like just yesterday her big sister was having hers taken. This time, Kristen, of K. Lenox Photography came to us. Of course I used her again...she took fabulous shots of Kate!

My water girl had her photos taken by a river in Shieling Forest and at the pond. The girls have hiked through that forest since they were little. It abuts our property and is filled with rivers and streams, bridges and boulders that make you feel as though you're in another world. Although the river was low, we did manage to find a few spots where she could splash around.

I can't stress enough how wonderful it is to work with Kristen. She is energetic, warm (she makes anyone feel comfortable), a has a wonderful eye. I would recommend her again and again for any occasion. Check out her facebook page for a sneak peek at a couple of other photos, and please visit her website! 

Photos: Shieling Forest, Peterborough, NH