September 19, 2014

A Change of Season

Do you have plans for the weekend? Because our focus has shifted since school began (We'll be heading out of town as much as staying in town.), David, Amanda, and I are driving to Boston to meet up with my parents and visit Kate at school. My parents split their time between Massachusetts and Florida, so they weren't able to see Kate last year because of a change in travel plans. I'm excited to show them around campus, and around Kenmore Square and Fenway. Maybe it will bring back a few memories of them visiting me when I was just around the corner at Northeastern. It's hard to believe I'm the mother and not the student.

I'm told the girls will be ditching us at some point so they can catch The Maze Runner at the theater across the street. That's okay, I'm sure we can find something to do while we're in the city.

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Photo: Cunningham Pond, Peterborough, NH