December 15, 2014

Christmas in the City

One of the traditions that we've added at Christmastime is to make sure we spend some time in the city. We usually plan a holiday shopping trip of some sort before or after vacation, but since Kate is moving into her new apartment this year, we combined the dorm room/apartment move into a weekend of fun. (Amanda stayed the entire time while David and I shuffled back and forth.) So on Friday night, after we loaded the car and made a few trips to the apartment, we headed down to Faneuil Hall to watch the light and music display. Each hour, on the hour, you can to listen to the Boston Pops perform a holiday song while the Christmas tree and all of the lit trees in the corridor dance to the music. We even played tourist and ate at Cheers so we could still see the lights (the restaurant played cool 70s and 80s tunes which seemed out of place at first but was very nice once we started talking and eating).

We saved the day by paying ransom to the Grinch. Amanda loves the Grinch! After dinner, we took a drive through Beacon Hill to see more lights and then dropped the girls off so we could get home to our boys (the dogs!). On Sunday, we hit repeat and did it all over again.

We started our city tradition when the musical White Christmas came to town (it's back!) and although we switch it up a bit... skating on the Frog Pond, strolling down Newbury and Charles streets, shopping, seeing a show, we always have fun. I'd love to hear what you all do. 


Terri said...

We go to the mall the week before Christmas after all of our shopping is done just to experience all of the hustle and bustle! We treat ourselves to dinner out, and maybe a few last minute stocking stuffers. I try to focus on the positive aspects -- some years have been trying but I find that there are more smiles and merry Christmases than bah humbugs. :)

Betsy said...

My kids are too old to visit Santa, but I like to visit him myself. That is to say, I make sure I hang out where Santa's helpers do at least once. Bonus: I get to watch all of the little ones smile.


Lara said...

We make the same holiday meal right down to the drinks, snacks, and desserts. It might sound a bit boring, but everyone looks forward to these "special" foods we only make during the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Watching Christmas movies.....lots and lots of Christmas movies. It always makes me sad when they not longer air. And as I mentioned in the other post, It's a Wonderful Life is my favorite.

Kimberly Merritt said...

Terri, as much as I grumble about the mall, we do something similar...maybe tomorrow! Betsy, I take a few peeks at Santa myself. Lara, the only time I changed our holiday menu is when I switched from turkey with all the trimmings (my childhood menu) to beef tenderloin. Carol, I'm sure you saw my post about Christmas movies. If not, check it out! And today I'm writing about another holiday tradition that you may want to try.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!