February 9, 2015

College Life

It's another snowy Monday here in the Northeast. Both of my girls have a snow day (again) and Kate has been home more than she's been at school the past two and a half weeks. I'm certainly not complaining. I'm thrilled with the fact that she has Friday's off this semester (we pick her up Thursday afternoons now), she still comes home every other weekend, and that she and her sister have gotten to spend some extra time together, especially considering that Amanda will be embarking on the whole college experience this fall.

As I was sitting at my desk typing this morning, I looked over at my list of this week's blog posts. There was a big, blank space next to Monday. I think I scratched in "design idea". And although I do have the photos of Kate's almost completely decorated apartment to share, the post isn't quite ready.

So, I asked Kate if she wanted to write my post for me. (She's a great writer.) She declined the offer, but she gave me some good ideas for future posts. Then I asked her if I could interview her(!). Ha. Here's what she had to say about college life.