February 6, 2015

Enjoy Your Weekend!

This guy certainly will! Yes, we went to the Patriot's Parade this past week and watched all of our favorite players ride on by in Duck Boats. We figured between the snow (2 snow days, one delay), the cold (another delay), and the fact that we had to deliver Kate back to Boston so she could attend one class (another cancelled because of the weather!), we might as well make it a day. The traffic was horrible heading in, but we beat it on our way out.

It was so cold that my hands shook while I was taking photos. This is the best picture I took of Mr. Brady. Luckily the girls were on it and scored videos of the entire parade.

Any plans for this weekend? The only thing we plan to do is try to stay ahead of the weather! Oh, and tonight Amanda and I are going to listen to Jodi Picoult talk in Manchester, so there's that.

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