March 30, 2015

A Week of Celebrations!

This is a big week! My Dad's birthday is tomorrow, my Mom's is the very next day (On April 1sther Mom's birthday.), and Kate's is on Friday. My sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, nephew, and a host of other people I'm probably forgetting celebrate birthday's this month, too. And... it's Easter!

I'm definitely making this cake for Kate and I'll be sure to post pictures of it somewhere as I'm planning a little extra surprise for her. I'm making a roast beef dinner for Easter, and I think we'll have leftover birthday cake and ice cream for dessert.

If I were Cinderella's fairy godmother (yes, we're seeing it again on Kate's birthday), I would wave my magic wand and give my Dad a '56 Chevy. He's been a car guy all his life, so if he's changed his mind and doesn't want that one, I'll get him another. I'd send Mom to a spa for the day so she could pamper herself for a change instead of everyone else. For Kate, the wand would take her to Harry Potter World (and if it was a really big wand, she'd head on over the movie set in England and to see the Hogwart's train in Scotland). Mom and Dad are still in Florida until the end of May, so all real celebrations will have to happen when they return.

Do you have birthdays to celebrate soon? Here are some gift ideas for you...

If you order anything from Amazon, please consider using this URL instead Your purchase helps support the World Wildlife Fund.

Check out these 35 easy DIY gifts. All of the beauty products look amazing.

Gifts that give back, like this dog silhouette necklace.

flexible tripod and charging cable for iPhones and Androids will help you take the best photos and video. I want one!

All time favorites:
  • Beauty/body gifts like a pedicure or massage.
  • Pick up their favorite meal so they don't have to cook or just to enjoy.
  • A stash of rainy-day, I-need-chocolate-now kind of snacks. Students especially like this one. Dads too.
  • Movie tickets, because the movies are so dang expensive to go to.
  • I've been buying the girls flowers because they're such a nice treat to get on birthdays or just because.
And even though it's not as personal, a gift card to their favorite store means they can certainly find something they'd like. And that's always a good thing.