March 27, 2015

Happy Weekend

This is the first week that I won't be seeing Cinderella. However, it was the third week in a row that I went to see a movie! (Saw this last night.) I think our family is keeping Cinemagic in business. Hey, the girls are happy. And my doggies are happy, too. We took Cooper and Dante to the park for a nice, long walk. As you can see, the snow isn't gone yet (and it's driving me crazy!), but at least we didn't have to trek through ice. Boston, which got just as much snow as we did this winter, has lost most of theirs. The streets are passable and only large piles and a few shadow-covered areas still have a few inches left to melt. Amanda joined me as we went to pick up Kate this week. It was a lovely sunny day most of the morning, but then it quickly clouded over and the rain came.

So, this weekend, we're just trying to chill. Amanda has a scrimmage tomorrow and Kate has homework to do. Next weekend is a biggie and there will be a lot more of those in our future, so we're taking advantage while we can. There is plenty to do around the house and outsidemainly keeping it warm and us from slipping and sliding. You see, here in New Hampshire, spring means snow/rain/sleet/rainfreeze, and repeat. Then comes the mud. Yes, mud is really a season. At least in New England.

I hope you enjoy sunny skies this weekend. Here are some links I though you might enjoy...

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