March 9, 2015

Still Inpsired

Did you celebrate International Women's Day in any way yesterday? My girls and I watched the live Facebook broadcast of Emma Watson talking about gender equality for the HeForShe campaign. This young woman continues to inspire me. Although the interview didn't last as long as I would have liked, she made some very valid points and shed some more light on what it means to be a feminist and what it takes to get involved.

When asked point blank at the end of the chat about if she will see gender equality in her lifetime, she said, "At current rates, no, it's not possible to achieve gender equality,"...."I'll probably be dead, but I'll refuse to die." After hundreds of years of inequality, it would be a rather unrealistic to think the situation will change after one person's lifetime. But what she has done is bring a new awareness to the issue and emphasized the role of men. Gender equality is not just about women, and it never has been. For now, she's encouraging everyone to make a difference.

"Don't hear 'Who am I?' in your head. You are a human being! You can 100 percent change the world!"

Please watch the recorded interview on her Facebook page if you haven't done so already, and please visit the HeForShe website for more information.