March 6, 2015

Have a Great Weekend

I think it's ironic how I can travel pretty much anywhere and still finds bits and pieces of home that follow me around. I picked up Kate yesterday for spring break, and while I was waiting for her to get out of class, I took this photo. I can't wait for spring to actually arrive and see all of the work they've done to continue the Emerald Necklace located across the street from her building.

Even though it's Kate's spring break, it's definitely not spring! We change the clocks this weekend and it will feel very strange indeed. But, we'll try to make the best of it, and like last year, the gang is planning on hitting the slopes next week, going to the movies, and generally hanging out. I think we'll spend a relatively quiet weekend at home so she can relax a bit first.

I hope you have something fun planned. Here are some links I thought you might enjoy...

While I was waiting in the car to pick her up yesterday, I watched this funny video. And Kate told me about this one she watched last week.

Join Emma Watson for International Women's Day this Sunday, March 8th at 1:00 PM EDT. (Click on the first video.)

Small space decorating at its best.

The girls love posting videos about dogs and animals in general. If we could, we would become a very large animal foster family. Check out his new friend and these puppies taking a bath. And watch this inspired video... which has nothing to do with animals.

Do you plan to see the live version of Cinderella? It opens March 13th.

Did you know you can distress paint with Vaseline? I didn't either.