April 10, 2015

Have an Enjoyable Weekend!

Last weekend was all about the dogs and lacrosse and Easter and Kate's birthday. This weekend, the only thing we have on our agenda is to get Amanda's prom dress altered. Both David and Amanda are suffering through allergies/colds right now, so I'll make sure to keep the house warm, put on a pot of tea, and sit with them through countless hours of television while I revise my manual. And hopefully sit in the sun!

I hope your weekend is more exciting! In the meantime, here are some links you may enjoy...

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I enjoyed (and was inspired by) this video.

5 celebrity living rooms... would you live in any of these? I'll take Lauren Conrad's (Michelle Williams' is a close second.)

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A word about the photos... Poor Cooper and Dante had to endure a couple of shots when we took them to a rabies clinic and where we also got them chipped. They got new harnesses for the occasion, but they weren't too happy. After it was all over, they got to run through the woods and then they took a nice long nap when we got home. Kate and David did I fine job of keeping them somewhat calm. No shots this weekend, boys!