June 8, 2015

Family: Remembering the Present and the Past

Last week, we all took Amanda to her college orientation. And because my parents summer home is located closer to the college than ours, the three of us spent the night while Amanda stayed on campus. My mother is always decorating and redecorating her two homes. She's been like this since I've come into the pictureI know this is where my house-shaped gene comes from. As I was putting away our things in the guest room, I noticed she added a photo board to this room. Then I spotted this one. I have photos of my parents when they were dating and first married, but I had never seen this one. Dad was/is always a sharp-dressed man (when he wants to be) and mom has always carried herself with such elegance. I think they look like a beautiful couple. (Those are my aunts on either side of them. Sadly, we lost my Aunt Diana four years ago.)

This board isn't too crowded. It's filled with photos of grandkids, children (that's us at the top), siblings, siblings grandkids, friends, and a few memorial cards. The black and white photo at the very top is my great aunt's class photo. Sadly we lost her two months ago and my aunt Diana's husband, my uncle Jim, just a month later. I think it's wonderful the way she honors both the present and the past.

My own inspiration board has gotten a bit of a makeover. I'm starting to add more photos in with the quotes and magazine clippings. Life changes too quickly. Looking at smiling faces every day makes me smile. I've also been working on a graduation video for Amanda's big day this Saturday. To see how she's grown from infant to lovely young women has taken me on a very emotional roller coaster. Photos are just one of the ways we can spend time we the ones we love.