September 10, 2015

Cleaning is My Therapy

When things get tough, I start cleaning. There's something incredibly therapeutic about scrubbing surfaces and boxing up and getting rid of things. Since Amanda left for school, I've been tearing through the house room by room and cleaning every square inch. Cabinets, closets, drawers... nothing is being left untouched and there's plenty more to do. Trips to the recycling center are now becoming as frequent as trips to the grocery store. 

For years, I've been looking at bins and bags filled with winter clothing and outerwear that the girls have outgrown, games and sporting equipment nobody uses, and cans of paint and other household items that need the heave-ho. For once, I have the extra time to really go through the house and take my time. In the past, I've gone through many cleaning frenzies and tossed things I've regretted getting rid of. This time I don't plan to make the same mistake. And I'm really looking forward to giving things away to people who want and need some of the things I have. 

Getting rid of all excess also helps to clear my mind. I cannot work in a cluttered office, so when a project gets away from me, the first thing I have to do is clean things up before I can clear my head enough to work. When school starts for everyone else, I stock up on new notebooks and other office supplies to keep me organized too. Now I'm adding storage containers and baskets to my list.

I've also discovered a few new uses for the Magic Eraser. I'm probably the last to know this, but just in case I'm not... they're great to use on stainless and glass. Outside of painted walls, I don't think there's anything these gadgets can't clean.

Here are a few of my finds and other organizational and cleaning ideas just in case you want to join in on a little cleaning therapy yourself.

Clear plastic containers.
Refrigerator bins and tips for organizing.
What Magic Erasers can do and so much more.
Natural cleaning recipes.
While you're at it, why not organize your purse. (I'm a big fan of pouches.)

Photo: Chiot's Run