October 20, 2015

Ghost Stories

As I've mentioned before, I love to read books that have to do with the current season. It feels strange to me to read books about snow and Christmas in the middle of summer, or books about the beach in the middle of winter. So that being said, what do you think is on my bookshelf now?

I don't like books that are ridiculously scary. (I remember reading Amityville Horror out in my backyard when I was a teenager one summer, far from the backdoor, and I didn't like it one bit.) But I do like a good scare every now and again. Here are my picks in case you want to pick up a little something to get you into the spirit.

I love stories about witches; I'm fascinated by their lives. Here are two books about witches that you may enjoy, The Witch's Daughter and The Lace Reader. And if you haven't read it, you must read Practical Magic. And lastly, I'm told Her Fearful Symmetry is also a winner. Not exactly about witches, but ghosts do make an appearance!

And if you're really into scary books, here is a list that I'm definitely going to stay away from!


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