October 19, 2015

Haunting the House

This past weekend, I haunted my house. I love Halloween....almost as much as I love Christmas. Which is why I think my decorations keep getting bigger and bigger even though my children are technically grown. (Do you ever really outgrow Halloween?) It's Amanda's absolute favorite holiday, so I don't skimp! 

Every year I find something new to add to my creepy collection. And this year I purchased a black candelabra (to be revealed later in the week) and these glass jars I found at Michael's (find similar here). I also carried my decorating theme into my den/office this year. I re-accessorized my shelves with the above-mentioned glass jars, a skeleton head, a picture of a raven, and a quick rearrangement of my books. By placing the books backwards, I created a cleaner palette that fits well with my new apothecary bookcase.

You can find the jar labels on The Happy Heathen, which I also used to create last year's Halloween Tablescape (one of my favorites). The only thing I need to do is fill them with a few potions. I'm thinking ground up oreo crumbs for the instant darkness powder, and some slightly colored water for the other two.

I replaced my vintage framed cranberry sign with this raven, but left my map of Cape Cod behind it for a bit of color and contrast. You can find the picture here on The Biodiversity Heritage Library's Flickr stream. They have all kinds of photos that would work well if you're not into ravens. And lastly, my collection of skeletons from Target always make an appearance. Some are outside in my graveyard, while others find their home here and there around the house. I actually stuck this one on my kitchen facet to give Amanda a bit of a fright this past weekend. And it worked!

I plan to scare up some more photos to show you later this week. But while you're waiting, be inspired by some of my past creations.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You really get into Halloween. I've looked through past posts and they're really fun. Thanks. -Kit

Terri said...

Seriously creepy. But fun!

Zoe said...

I left my post on the other page. Oops. Great ideas!