December 4, 2015

Holiday Gifts for Writers

I had a lot of fun picking out gifts for writers this season. I'm putting some of them on my wish list too. 

See your book in print! This Penguin pillow can be customized through this Etsy shop. $22.
Although writers love technology, most of us love the old-school look of a beloved book. Cover your Mac Book, iPad, or iPhone with this beautiful leather book cover from Twelve South. Buy it here.

Inspired? Write on your own scratch pad candle from Anthropologie. $24.

Kate Spade has certainly cornered the market on cute gifts. (My) Kate and I both grabbed a set of these pencils at Blick in Boston. You can grab them here. $20.

Okay, this one is a tad expensive ($349!) but it's super cool and works with almost any device. Although I still long for a workable vintage typewriter in black. Thanks, Santa.

Writers wouldn't be writers if they weren't readers first. This is my #1 favorite book on writing! (Get it?) No, really. Get it. $9.22. (And check out my other favorites. And you might be interested in this post, too.) 

Read last year's list. (This should have been on it.)

There's more... Ted Talk inspiration for writers just to get those creative juices flowing!

Next week: Holiday Gifts for Readers!