February 9, 2016

Romance is Alive and Well

When a relationship is new, no matter where you go or what you do feels like the most romantic date ever. I remember when my husband and I first got together. We weren't officially dating, but the flirting had begun. He wanted to buy a leather jacket and needed my opinion. As we crossed the crowded streets to walk uptown, he reached for my hand. The day continued to unfold in a similar fashion. We walked, he grabbed my hand, I let go, and back and forth it went.

My girlfriend and I decided to go out to dinner one night and somehow he invited himself along. After walking what seemed like miles, we got lost just as it was beginning to rain. Finally finding our way to the restaurant, my future husband slid into the booth beside me. As a violinist started playing, we brushed hands under the table, lingering a little longer each time.

Once we were a thing. He decided to surprise me with concert tickets to The Cure. The amphitheater was packed and we weren't under cover as the rain started to come down in sheets. We finally chucked the useless umbrella we were holding and swayed to the music as my mascara ran down my face. It was a great evening.

As the years progressed, our definition of romance went from your typical dinner and a movie to picnics in front of the television after the kids were asleep. They were still fun to us, but things changed as our relationship grew. (I think it's romantic if starts the tea kettle in the morning before I ask.)

But now that the girls have gone off to college, we've started dating again. Afternoon movies, browsing through the bookstore, sharing a coffee in a cafĂ©, even running errands has taken on a date-like feel. This past weekend, he took me out for ice cream. And we're back to holding hands.

Regardless of how long you've been together, there is plenty of romance left to explore.


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