March 25, 2016

Totally Crushing Over

Inspiration comes in many forms, and this week I found several things I'm TCO.

I'm never at a loss to find a good book. Lately, I've been drawn to stories with a certain canine appeal. I've just started reading Earnest. It's a story of a rescued yellow lab who will steal your heart. If you have a soft spot for four-legged friends too, then read these stories: The Art of Racing in the Rain; Sit, Stay, Speak; The Dog Who Saved Me; Emily & Einstein, and A Dog's Purpose. (And re-read Marley & Me.)

I've been buying up small pieces of art similar to this illustration from artist Natalie Salbieva. Etsy is filled with talented artists. I was drawn to this one. She looks like she's lovingly watching over you.

My new favorite Instagram account is Out of the Bex. This self-proclaimed word reader, book photographer, and weird caption writer creates visual collages of all things book. I think they're beautiful.

I don't get wowed by interior design like I used to, but Studio McGee out of Salt Lake City, UT, has drool-worthy photos that combine styles and elements that appeal to the modern side of me without cramming one particular style (mid-century modern) in my face. Too harsh? Check out their latest install video.

Have a wonderful weekend!