April 6, 2011

Color = Emotion

Do you know why you are drawn to certain colors? Color tugs at our heartstrings. They speak to us on an emotional level. And depending on how old you are, if you are happy or sad, or going through a major life change, the colors we love (and hate) can actually change over our lifetime.

I pulled some colors from this fun birthday card my friend gave me years ago. Although we met in our early twenties, we knew we would have been best friends no matter what age we met. In this picture, I would be the girl in the yellow T-shirt - only because she stole my red jacket!

Red: If you love red (my favorite color) you do not suffer fools gladly. Our no-nensense approach to just about everything may seem a bit combative, but that's only because we hate having to do anything more than once. We strive to do our best at every turn. And we work very hard. If you decorate with red, be careful. Use it in small doses unless you tone down its vibrancy. Red also wets the appetite, making it the perfect color for a dining room. Red conjures up conflicting emotions of love and hate, passion and violence. But, it is also the color of joy, sexuality, sensitivity, and love.

Orange: If you love orange, you'll probably very creative. You're also known as a peace-keeper and you work well with others. People tend to either love or hate orange. Orange encourages socialization, it makes us feel bolder, and helps us let go of unrealistic expectations. Use orange as an accent and choose shades with brown or black undertones.

Pink: Ahhh, sweet pink - the most passive color in the spectrum. If you want to neutralize an opponent, pink is your man, or girl if you'd like. Pink is youthful, fun, and exciting, and depending on its vibrancy, can take on the same high energy as red. Complementary to all skin tones, it's great to use in a powder room or spa. Pink is very affectionate and can make you simply "feel good".

Yellow: They don't call her Ms. Mary Sunshine for nothing. Yellow can brighten your day and your disposition. It stimulates the mental process, activates memory, and encourages communication and creativity. Yellow is also the color of knowledge, so if you like yellow, you probably want to know "why" - you need to know every little detail. Use yellow in places that lacks natural sunlight.