January 16, 2015

Have a Fabulous (long) Weekend!

My girls. This photo was taken during our trip to NYC last month. We were just walking across Central Park to go to the Met when we stopped for a small break. They're sitting on top of a ledge on the Belvedere Castle tower that overlooks the city; it was so warm that day and the rain had just cleared. It's bittersweet to look back at these pictures of the two of them because Kate is heading back to school this weekend after being home for over a month. How well can two teenage girls really get along? Of course they argue, roll their eyes at each other, and basically behave like two sisters who seem to always be together. But they are best friends and cheer each other on no matter what.

Today's group text concerning Amanda's anatomy test:

     K: Oh my gosh good job!!!! Is this what you were studying last night?
     A: YEAH! I got one wrong and it was given by Rit (teacher) because I said gracilis twice instead of the gastrocenemious for the lower hindlimb so he started to point to it and I said it and he said good I couldn't see you not getting a 100 haha
     K: Wow that's awesome? See I told you that you knew it last night!
     A: Well now I have to take a bio test
     K: I know :( but after you can relax

We got back very late from Boston last night, but Kate went into her room and started to quiz her. David and I sat there listening to Amanda ramble off all of these scientific terms and the three of us kept shaking our heads....we had no idea what she was talking about. Kate and I are lovers of English and writing, David is the math guy. We have no idea where Amanda's love of science came from.

This weekend is going to include more of the samemoving Kate into her apartment. Why is it taking so long? This whole apartment move was something we weren't expecting so soon. We needed to scramble to find a bed, a desk, gather furniture, lighting, etc. from the house, and then fill in the rest with a few shopping trips in about two weeks' time. So I will be trudging up three flights of stairs (the building doesn't have an elevator!) with more bags and boxes. Hopefully, we'll be able to unpack this last load quickly and enjoy the city the rest of the time.

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