May 1, 2015

Have a Wonderful Weekend

Lacrosse season is in full swing, and ponytails are flying everywhere! Several games had to be postponed due to the weather, but now that the snow is gone and the fields are dry, it's game time! It's hard to believe this is the last season of sports among a long line of lasts in the next month and a half I'll/we'll be experiencing. I'm shelving those feelings for now. I just want to enjoy this while it lasts.

This weekend I think three of us will breathe a big sigh of relief (busy week for us all), while poor Kate will slave away on a huge project she needs to finish over the weekend. Then, she will be able to breathe, because next week is her last week of classes and she's home for the summer!

We'll continue to clean up the yard (we stacked 4 cord of wood last weekend), cut downed trees, and hopefully (fingers crossed) enjoy some warm, sunny weather!

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Photo: Lauren Carney