April 23, 2015


My girls have been shopping at Lush for some time now, but I've never tried their products until recently. When Amanda was shopping for Kate's birthday last month, she bought her a few goodies from their store including some fun bath bombs, massage bars, and their Charity Pot hand and body lotion, made with cocoa butter and all kinds of wonderful ingredients. (It's like getting a hand parrafin treatment!) We've bought several of their small Charity Pots to keep on hand and give away as gifts. Even better, with every purchase of a Charity Pot, Lush donates 100% of the price (minus the taxes) to small, grassroots organizations working in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare, and human rights. Bonus!

Because Kate has turned us on to being aware of animal cruelty products (she finds a new company we can't patronize every week!) we're actually enjoying finding new products. So when I left my stylist just last week, I took a walk over to Lush where I purchased their Big Shampoo and Sea Spray mist, both made with sea salt. Now you may wonder why you would ever put salt in your hair, because if you've ever been to the beach you know what can happen. I used about a dime-sized amount of the shampoo and fell in love.

The first time I added a thickening spray afterward, but it defeated the purpose. The second time, I used it all by itself and the volume I got from my very fine hair was amazing. Last night, I tried the Sea Spray. It's supposed to be used after you've styled it to create beachy waves or to hold your own style, but I used it before and after and the effect was just what I had hoped. Truthfully, spraying it on wet hair will make it feel a little tangled, but it turned out exactly as I had hoped.

And... my day after hair looks as though I washed it this morning! It's usually flat, limp, and looks like it needs a good washing.

In my book, these products were worth every penny!


Wendy E Wrzos said...

I have been a fan of Lush for ages, so it was nice to see your post. Even if I never buy anything (which is rare) it is so lovely to walk around, and I love testing the different lotions and potions!
Thanks for reminding me to visit again soon.

Kimberly Merritt said...

I agree, Wendy. I'm a total convert!