February 16, 2016

I am in Love With Stone

I was in Rhode Island yesterday and I couldn't stop myself from taking photo after photo of beautiful stone buildings.

My love affair with stone began through the pages of historical romances, as I jumped countless stone walls scattered throughout fields as a child, and when I laid my hand against its cool, perfectly imperfect surface for the very first time. For centuries, people used stone to trade, to build, and as a means of measurement. Stone has been linked to mysterious and mystical happenings. From the Stone Sphere in Costa Rica, the pyramids in Egypt, and Stonehenge in England, stone has let itself be known. And don't forget those little gems known as crystals and jewels. Stone is a very powerful material.

The combination of stone, wood, and metal (with its own energy), and glass fascinates me. When was it built? What secrets lie behind those walls? Stone is the past, present and futurehistory lives and breathes within each tiny crevice.

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