April 4, 2014

(Children's) Books

My goal was to read all seven Harry Potter books over the winter. I'm almost done with book #4. I read the first book of the series when it first came out because the book club I belonged to at the time decided we needed something "light" to read, so I didsort of. I couldn't get into it even though my son was utterly fascinated. (A lesson in giving books a second chance.) He couldn't read through the series fast enough, and when he had to wait until they were published, he was not happy. Once book #7 came out he pretty much locked himself in a room until he was finished. I can still remember taking him to the first movie... We we're absolutely enchanted by then.

Then it was the girls turn. As soon as they started to read them, they were dedicated fans. In fact, all of my children have read through them at least twice. Now it was my turn. Because we had two copies of each book in the house, my daughters were kind enough (if not entirely willing) to let me borrow one. We're all very particular about our books, so I decided it was time I had my own set.

After a day of prom dress shopping, my youngest daughter and I went into the bookstore and I asked her where would I find them. She replied fantasy, so off I went. I came up empty-handed and then went to one of the computers to help me out. To my (silly) surprise, I found out they were housed in the children's section. Of course I knew these books were children's books, kind of, but it never occurred to me that they hadn't graduated somehow to the fiction section.

Harry Potter is much more than a children's book. J.K. Rowling is a brilliant writer who captured a world that anyone would want to return to again and again. Lurking behind the narrative of witches, wizards, and quidditch lies a story of friendship, family, bravery, love, and hope. READ THEM.

I've already started purchasing books for my granddaughter. I bought her Guess How Much I Love You and The Very Hungry Caterpillar for starters. I know my son will make sure she has her very own set of Harry Potter books before I can say "expelliarmus".

Do you have favorites from your childhood? Here are some links you might enjoy...

As a young girl, my oldest daughter liked the Madeline series. She's very much into dystopian novels such as The Hunger Games and Divergent today. My youngest daughter liked the book The Very Noisy Night when she was little. She was a fan of the Dairy Queen series and now, The Summer I Turned Pretty Series. My son also loves/loved Brian Jacques.

We're huge fans of the Berenstain Bears and Dr. Seuss! I have boxes and boxes packed away for each of my children.

I read We're Going on a Bear Hunt again and again and againand again. (As well as the above.)

You can get a whole list of children's book recommendations here.

Once you're finished with the books, you MUST see the movies. (I adore Alan Rickman and Maggie Smith.) We hold a Harry Potter marathon every New Year. ABC Family also runs Harry Potter weekends, so check it out.


Unknown said...

I was crazy about the Harry Potter series, and oddly enough, my son was very disinterested in them. I couldn't figure that one out. Then, quite a while after the Twilight books came out, I found the set at a rummage sale &purchased them. I hadn't paid much attention to all the fanfare earlier, just thought they would last a long while for winter reading. I loved them! I passed them along to my Mom when I finished, & she hated them! Guess I'm destined to be the only fantasy reader in my family! Books make such wonderful gifts, I appreciate the titles you've passed along for future gift purchases :) Teresa at CottageLodge.net

Kimberly Merritt said...

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Jessica said...

I loved Harry Potter. I was a big fan of the Avonly series but my children didn't like them. But they love Harry Potter!

Kimberly Merritt said...

It's funny, Teresa. Sometimes I think the timing has to be right. I was in a huge historical fiction phase for a while and I refused to read anything else at the time.

Thank you, Jessica for posting as well. I'm glad your children love Harry Potter too.

Relyn Lawson said...

I resisted Harry Potter for years because - well, because everyone loved them. Then, about 2 years ago I read them with my daughter. I've read all seven every year since and just finished my third read through. These are brilliant books!

Laurie said...

LOVE the books. I don't think all children's books are just for children as you pointed out here. And sometimes reading a children's book is a good way to reconnect with the child inside you.


Kimberly Merritt said...

Hi Relyn. I agree. It's funny how some people loved them right away and others it took some time. I resisted, too. Checking out your blog...

Laurie, I also agree. Who says you have to be a certain age to appreciate a children's book?

Thank you for posting and come back soon.