January 30, 2013

Winter Fun

It's easy to make excuses to stay inside where it's warm and cozy, but getting out into the brisk, winter's air is good for the soul. For weeks, my husband and I would spend each weekend working outside on our shed, regardless of how cold it was, we just dressed for the occasion. We'll call up our neighbors and friends on a whim and ask if they want to meet up with us to take the dogs for a walk in the woods, regardless of how much snow we'll have to trek through. A quick text message, and we're off. But it would be much more fun to leave behind a pair of paper mittens on their doorknob as an invite, wouldn't you agree? During the winter, leave behind paper mitten, or snowflake notes (in the summer, attach a piece of slate near your backdoor, and a piece of chalk, to scribble a message or two).

Here are a few winter fun activites you can enjoy at any age... Check out these ideas for hosting a sledding party or a skating party. Get outside and build a snowman, or snow fort. And if you must stay indoors, how about breaking out the board games, host a movie marathon (pick a series or a specific theme and serve lots of popcorn), or plan an indoor picnic in front of the fire and mix up the seasons a bit.

Image via countryliving.com