December 23, 2014

All is Calm, All is Bright

Sunday night, during the longest night of the year, my family and I went to church to listen to what is now known as "Lessons and Carols". The day started off a bit stressful as we were actually booking our summer vacation. We didn't have anything planned for the day other than attending church that evening, so when the snow started to fall, Kate decided to bake dog treats for friends and neighbors, and I wrapped presents while David and Amanda went off on their own missions. You could hear us all puttering around on various floors while the dogs got tangled in garlands and ribbons. We all found our way into the kitchen at different times of the day to put on the kettle or grab a snack to keep us on task. It was one of those easy, peaceful days you wish you could keep in the palm of your hand and close to your heart.

Okay, back to lessons and carols... The beautiful stone church we attend was built between 1916-1919. "Its transitional Gothic design created by Ralph Adams Cram, is complemented both by the stained glass windows, also in the Gothic tradition, produced by Charles Connick’s studio, and by the reredos and wood carvings, the work of Johannes Kirschmeyer, a Bavarian woodcarver and master craftsman who specialized in the medieval style." In short, it's a gorgeous church with incredible acousticswe all sounded like angels. Listening to the story of Christmas intermingled with English and American Carols is enough to put Ebenezer Scrooge in the Christmas spirit.

I hope you all have a very, Merry Christmas, a happy holiday season, and wonderful (happy and healthy) New Year! I will be back (briefly) next week and back to regular posting on January 5th. I look forward to sharing more in 2015. Thank you for reading!

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Blessings and peace to you and yours.